For over three decades Complete Stainless has worked directly with architects, designers, contractors and millworkers to furnish and compliment buildings and landscape projects. Stainless steel is aesthetically appealing, corrosion resistant and is the most cost effective material for many applications. It is commonly used in architecture particularly because its use eliminates repeated maintenance and/or replacement over the life of the product.

We offer a variety of finishes to help you achieve the look you want. With stainless steel, the design applications are endless.

Structural components, panels, cladding, roofing, curtain walls, handrails, doors and gates are just some of the items routinely produced.

We can help – call us today. For your convenience and peace of mind, we’ll visit your job location and obtain all your measurements and project specifications.

Various installations are highlighted in this section and illustrate the exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness of stainless steel as an architectural design material.