Over the years, Complete Stainless has worked with an extensive array of customers within the hospitality industry. Our products can be found in the most glamorous hotels, hospitals, prisons, and even local pubs. We work with engineers, designers, general contractors, installers and subcontractors to meet the heavy demands of kitchens everywhere!

Recent projects have included:

Custom Workstations

If a standard workstation doesn’t fit in the unique layout of your kitchen, you can count on the high-quality technicians at Complete Stainless to build a custom workstation that suits the needs of your business. Simply provide our expert technicians with your dimensions and specifications and we can have a personalized workstation manufactured and installed in your bar or restaurant as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our commitment to quality has earned us a reputation as one of the leading custom metal fabrication companies in Toronto and Mississauga, so you can count on us to deliver the professional custom workstations you need.

Storage Cabinets

Proper storage is essential to the smooth operation and success of any bar or restaurant. If you’re struggling to find storage solutions that work for your business, contact us at Complete Stainless to have sleek, stylish and functional steel storage cabinets built for your business. All of our custom fabrications are made from the highest-quality steel available, which is why we’re known as one of the top steel fabricators in Toronto. Our manufactures can create custom steel storage cabinets that suit your space no matter what size constraints or specific needs you may have.

Specialized Ducting

Ducts are especially important for the health and safety of any bar or restaurant. If your business needs new or customize ducting for your ventilation system, contact our experienced manufacturers at Complete Stainless. If you have specialized ducting needs, the expert manufacturers at Complete Stainless can create stainless steel ducting the meets all of your specifications. Our professional contractors and installers work quickly and efficiently to cause the least amount of disturbance possible. For the high quality steel fabrication in Toronto, contact us today.

Washing Systems

Keep your kitchen as hygienic as possible with the custom metal washing systems from Complete Stainless. We provide the highest quality steel fabrications in Toronto and the surrounding areas, so you can trust our manufactures and certified contractors to bring your vision to life. We can build stainless steel sinks, washing stations, and drying racks from your designs so you can get the personalized kitchen equipment you need.


If you have plans to add a stainless steel backsplash to your kitchen, contact us today at Complete Stainless. At Complete Stainless, our manufactures can build a customize stainless steel backsplash that’s as functional as it is beautiful. We can work from your designs so you get exactly what you want. For a high-quality and visually appealing backsplash, trust the experts at Complete Stainless for the best steel fabrication in Toronto.

Counter Tops

Bring your designs to life with custom counter tops from Complete Stainless. If your renovations include plans for new countertops, Complete Steel can manufacture exactly what you’re looking for. For more information about our customized stainless steel fabrication services, contact one of our experienced technicians today.

Pot Racks

Pot racks are a great storage solution for a kitchen with limited space. Our stainless steel fabricators are some of the best in Toronto and the surrounding area, so you can trust us to build a custom stainless steel pot rack that goes perfectly with your kitchen. For more information about how our steel fabricators can bring your metal designs to reality, contact us today.